5 Stones for Transformation & New Beginnings!

Posted by Sarah Hughes on

The new year brings renewed energy and the opportunity for a fresh start. It’s an ideal time to tune into the natural flow of energies and get clear in your goals and intentions for the year ahead. What changes do you want to make over the next 12 months? There are many wonderful stones that support change, transformation, and new beginnings. See our top 5 recommendations and how to use them below!

Rainbow Moonstone

large rough rainbow moonstone

The number one crystal for heading into the new year! Considered to be a stone of transformation and new beginnings, it's the perfect stone for supporting life changes. Rainbow moonstone is a stone of optimism and positivity, helping you move forward on your path with clarity and strength. A wonderful stone for supporting new intentions and manifesting new opportunities. 


large malachite palmstone

Known as a stone of transformation, malachite encourages change and personal growth. It's a powerful stone for clearing emotional blockages that no longer serve you, helping you evolve into a higher version of yourself.

Natural Citrine

large natural citrine tower

An empowering and uplifting stone associated with joy and abundance. It gives you the motivation and confidence to go after your dreams. It’s a great stone for starting a new business venture as it attracts prosperity & success. 


A stone of awareness, intuition and insight, it helps you make decisions in alignment with your higher self. It provides support during times of change and upheaval by strengthening your trust in the Universe. 


large blue kyanite

A powerful stone of balance and alignment. Helps remove limiting habits and beliefs, supporting you to move forward in life. It encourages self expression, helping you to speak your truth and empowering you to follow your dreams! 

How to use your crystals

You can use one stone or several together, whatever you feel most drawn to. It’s a good idea to cleanse your stones first using whichever method you prefer. Depending on the type of stone, you can put it in cold water for a few minutes, smudge it with sage, use sound vibrations from a singing bowl or mentally channel cleansing energy into the crystal to clear it of any accumulated energy. 

You can then program your stone with your intention. Hold it to your heart and speak directly to the crystal, asking it to assist and support you with your intention. Speak with loving words that attune to your truth and thank the crystal for its help. Do this for each individual stone.

Keep the crystal near you, next to your bed, on your desk, or carry it with you in your purse or pocket. If you have several stones, you can create a small altar where you will see them daily, such as on your desk or on a bookshelf etc.

It’s a good idea to interact with your crystals daily. Spend time in meditation, relaxation or visualization while holding your stone and focusing on your intention. Crystals are magnifiers of energy and provide the space for energy and intention to flow and flourish.

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